Rose McGowan Blasts Black-Clad Golden Globe Attendees for Their ‘Hollywood Fakery’

As the Hollywood elite gathered to grant awards to themselves, many attention-seeking stars wore black to draw attention to the ongoing sex abuse scandals plaguing Hollywood.

Myself, I boycotted the Golden Globes this year because I wasn’t nominated for anything, but I didn’t think that all black was necessary — we already knew that Hollywood was filled with terrible people. Outside of known conservatives like Clint Eastwood or Christians like Chris Pratt, there isn’t much that hasn’t been poisoned in Tinseltown. Back in the day, even Judy Garland was being sexually harassed on the set of Wizard of Oz and was drugged by her studio to keep her on schedule.

The rot in Hollywood is real, and the trail of depression and drug abuse by stars is so well-known to us little people that there are whole television series dedicated to the damage that the spotlight does to a human life. So, when someone in Hollywood manages to escape the claws (like Kaya Jones, formally of the Pussycat Dolls and now known on Twitter as both pro-Trump and proudly Christian), it’s worth turning an ear to their opinion.

So, as the stars lined up in their beautiful black outfits, actress Rose McGowan who has been ringing the bell on sex abuse in Hollow Town for decades live tweeted her thoughts, and went directly for the people she knew had ignored her struggle, but still wore their attention-grabbing outfits pretending to champion victims like her:

This tweet was in response to former actress and assault victim Asia Argento who had also gone after sex pervert kingpin Harvey Weinstein, tweeting to Rose “No one should forget that you were the first one who broke the silence. Anyone who tries to diminish your work is a troll and an enemy of the movement.” She then praised Rose for giving her the courage to speak out.

McGowan, who has appeared in movies including Scream and Death Proof, and who worked television roles including on the series Charmed also rolled her eyes at the impassioned speech delivered by Oprah Winfrey, who managed to ignore her longstanding association with Harvey Weinstein while bravely speaking for the women who had stood up against men like Harvey Weinstein.

How quickly the left had forgotten that a British actress blamed the implied approval of Weinstein by Oprah for her eventual alleged sexual assault by the producer who promised to help her advance her career.

McGowan first accused Harvey Weinstein of raping her back in 1997. She was tweeting the Golden Globes alongside other celebrities who had not been invited to the festivities despite its theme of sexual assault awareness. Actor Corey Feldman, who has been warning about Hollywood sex abuse for years was also not asked to join the celebration of victims speaking up and tweeted that it was an example of “hypocrisy.”

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Rose McGowan Blasts Black-Clad Golden Globe Attendees for Their ‘Hollywood Fakery’

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