Woman Doesn’t Pull Over On Dark Street For Police, Drives To Public Area & Pays A Big Price

It’s not uncommon to hear warnings of people pretending to be police officers in an attempt to harm innocent people. And because of this, it’s commonly assumed that if a person is unsure that the person pulling them over is legitimately a police officer, they can call police and check, or wait until they reach a well-lit, safe area to pull over. One woman claims that this is why she didn’t pull over when an officer flagged her for speeding — only it didn’t work out as she expected.

52-year-old DelRea Good was driving after 11:00 at night on a deserted road when she saw flashing lights behind her. Thinking it might not be a real cop, and that it could be someone attempting to hurt her, she refused to pull over, and instead, kept driving.

Good says that she slowed down, rolled down her window, and waved her arm to signal to the officer that she was not resisting arrest. She continued driving for less than a mile, until she reached a well-lit parking lot, where she pulled over.

Unfortunately for Good, what she did turns out to be illegal. Porter County Sheriff’s Department Patrolman William Marshall promptly arrested her, took her to the Porter County Jail, and charged her with the felony of resisting arrest.

But Good insists that she was right to do what she did. “I felt I didn’t do anything wrong,” she insisted. “I got to a safe place and I told him that.” The sheriff’s office was not swayed, however; a spokesperson said, “The sheriff’s office supports our officer’s decision in this matter.”

According to the sheriff’s office, Marshall was driving a marked car, and used both lights and sirens to pull her over. Because of this, they say that it was right to arrest Good.

Good claims that Marshall was unhappy with her from the moment he approached her car. She said that Marshall asked her, “What in the hell are you doing? I could arrest you for this.” But Marshall told a different story, saying that Good was “highly agitated and uncooperative”, and that she refused to let him explain why he was pulling her over.

According to Marshall, Good said, “I don’t care who you are I don’t have to stop on a county road, I’m a single female.”

Now, Good is saying that she might lose her job. Good works as a nurse, and a felony on her record bars her from nursing. And a defense attorney, Bob Harper, is saying that Good was not irration for her fears. In Indiana, where this happened, there have been multiple cases of criminals impersonating police in recent years.

Do you think Good should have been arrested?

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Woman Doesn’t Pull Over On Dark Street For Police, Drives To Public Area & Pays A Big Price

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